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We mastered the most comprehensive digital marketing strategy in Malaysia, simply because we spend an average of RM200k per month on advertisement for R&D purpose. Tasks like product preparation, competitor analysis, marketing angles, content creation to shipping method are the things we did every day for the past 1.5 years.

This is why we need to redefine digital marketing and give the world a new understanding of digital marketing in its most comprehensive form. We are building E-Corporate now.

​- Founder of AM Found Group-

We think many teenagers are starting to feel what we faced 6 years ago with the dilemma of having no capital, no experience and no resources to succeed. This is why we want to take this opportunity to pass on the experience and resources we have accumulated.


​Our Advantages


Our Board of Management has established a result-oriented system and designated KPI for every position in the company.

Superb Working Culture

We share all the skills and experiences we gained among the colleagues through cross-group discussions.


Commission and year-end bonus is perfectly planned out according to the system to ensure that everyone is comfortable and treated fairly.

Limitless Opportunities

Our company is willing to cultivate talents. If you are capable and willing to work, opportunity is not a problem in our company.


AM Found Group is a youth-oriented company, we are tired of traditional corporate hierarchy. Instead, we are promoting a brand new organisational structure which is the Pararell Organisational Structure.

Our company practices group structure, where each group has its own team. Each team is responsible for the success of its own project/department.

This structure can be imagined as how the solar system works. AM Found Group is the Sun and the Planets represent each group/sector. Each planet is working in its own orbit. At the same time, the Sun provides resources to each planet to keep them working.

​Meet Our Team

Project Consultant

  • Solve customer queries, maintain customer relationship

  • Basic + Commission

  • Understand customer needs

8 hours, 6 days a week

Expected Salary:RM2000 - RM6000

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