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Our Story


In 2016, Alston, founder of Strived, and a group of young people started to build our own brand - [STRIVED], we started with graphic design and clothing line as we were keen to contribute something into this industry.


We have tried everything like IG marketing, joining events by travelling to all major cities in Malaysia to increase our brand exposure. However, 2 years later, we realised that we were lacked of marketing skills and have to face the reality.


Hence, we continued our further studies and disbanded Strived temporarily.

December 2019, we wanted to give Strived another hit, just like the brand name, "Strived" was meant to inspire others to move forward and keep pushing the limit for your goals!·It just so happened that Alston had also returned from studying in Australia.


Max and Ang had started to gain some experience in digital marketing. So there we were, in a cafe for 6 hours, discussing about how to restructure Strived and start from zero!


On March 2020, we met the first MCO and that was the time of our comeback.


We look forward to be Malaysian Top Pick Personalised Gift Shop.

On 2020 December 15, Strived achieved RM100k of sales by winning part of the market in gift industry with our [Uniqueness + High Quality +
Good After-Sales Service]

In February 2021, we started to expand our gift industry to the female market. We launched our new brands - [FanC] and [Care4UrLife].


We applied the experience we had gained at Strived to run the new projects, we managed to hit RM100k in 6 months.

Having successful formula of digital marketing, we began to recruit marketer and trained them based on the knowledge we had gained in those few months.


Till now, we have recruited 21 persons, all of them are "marketing whizzes with 0 working experience" and "have entrepreneurship spirit" in them. ·They came here with a humble attitude towards and are fighting for the common goal


We share a common purpose, mission and vision across the company. It's a great feeling to have 20 like-minded people working together towards the same goal!


We are certified "striver'

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